The Comparison of Soccer Injures at Asian and European Cup



The risk of injury in soccer is considerable, but few studies compared soccer injury incidence at European and Asian tournaments. The purpose of this study was to compare the incidences and patterns of soccer injury at Asian Cup 2007 and European Cup 2008. Thirty one matches from Asian Cup 2007 and 31 matches from European Cup 2008 were analyzed by video analysis system. Injury incidence at Asian Cup was significantly higher than European Cup (Z=5.75, P>0.05), (109.7 vs. 39.6 injuries per 1000 hours). Results of this study showed no significant differences in time lags between the two tournaments (X2 = 4.41, P>0.05). Also, there was a significant difference in different positions between the two tournaments (X2 – 16.88, P<0.05); mid fielders (28.9%) in European Cup and goalkeepers (22.4%) in Asian Cup were more injured than other players. No significant difference was found in players' injured part of body between the two tournaments (X2=12.96, P>0.05), but the most common injury for Asian players was the lower leg (20.8%) and for European players was the head (24.4%). This study showed that injury incidence in Asian Cup was higher than European Cup and factors such as players' position can affect players' injuries in Asian and European tournaments.