The Comparison of Two Functional Movements in Knee Joint Proprioception Assessment of Healthy Female Athletes



Due to the high incidence of ACL tearing in female athletes and the importance of proprioception and knee dynamic stability, functional assessment of knee joint proprioceptin is necessary. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare two functional movements in knee joint proprioceptin assessment in healthy female athletes. 16 healthy female athletes volunteered to participate in this study. Knee joint position sense was evaluated by the reproduction of the target angle in weight-bearing position and two different tasks of movement (from full extension to 30° flexion and from semi squat (60° flexion) to 30° flexion). Absolute angular error was considered as a dependent variable. Data were analyzed by paired T-test. Results indicated no significant difference between two tasks of limb movement (P>0.05). Therefore, the results of this study suggested that the combination of mechanoreceptors is stimulated equally in both tasks.