Injury Profile of Iranian Professional Male and Female Karate Players



The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence, type and mechanism of
injuries in Iranian professional male and female karate players. 140 karate players
including 101 men (Mean+SD, age: 217+3.2 years, height: 176.9±6.4 cm, weight:
69.4±8.9 kg) and 39 women (Mean+SD, age 21.7±3.2 years, height: 164.4±6.8cm,
weight: 55.6±6.2 kg) who participated in karate premier league competitions
participated in this study. An injury form was used to collect data. Variables such
as incidence, area, causes and mechanisms of injuries were considered and
recorded after competitions. Chi square and descriptive statistics were used to
analyze data. The results of this study showed that in 170 team competitions (1436
individual competitions), 326 injuries occurred (men 244 and women 82 injuries).
The incidence of injury in men was 8.2 injuries/100 minutes of competition while it
was 13.4 injuries/100 minutes of competition. Men had more injuries at their upper
extremities than lower extremities (158 vs. 86), (?2 = 21.24, P<0.05) and this
difference was statistically significant. Women had more injuries at their lower
extremities (43 vs. 39), (?2 = 1.9, P>0.05). Ankle was the most common injured
area for men (86 cases) (?2 = 26, P<0.05) and women (43 cases) (?2 = 2.1,
P>0.05). Contusion was the most common injury for both sexes (39 and 14 injuries
respectively). Opponents’ mistake was the main cause of injuries for both men and
women (?2 = 15, p<0.05, ?2 = 2.2, p>0.05). In can be concluded that if coaches
pay more attention to technique instructions, team physicians and physiotherapists
perfectly rehabilitate injured players and referees punish those players who use
wrong techniques, injuries drastically will decrease in all players.