Electromyography of Fatigue of Back and Hip Muscles in Athletes with Chronic Low Back Pain



In this study, two groups of athletes with chronic low back pain (n=15, mean
age 24.06 yr) and healthy athletes (n=15, mean age 24.06 yr) of wrestling and
soccer participated in this study. The endurance duration was shorter (P<0.05)
and MF slope was higher in CLBP athletes which showed more fatigue compared
to the healthy subjects. Correlation analysis showed a significant positive
correlation between BMI and endurance duration in CLBP athletes (r = 0.61).
Body mass and BMI correlated positively with MF slope of erector spinae muscles
(r = 0.62 – 0.76) in both groups. It is suggested that athletes pay more attention to
improving the endurance of back and hip extensor muscles and lose weight as a
useful strategy to prevent chronic low back pain.