The Relationship between Anthropometric Characteristics and Performance of Elite Female Swimmers in 50m Freestyle Swimming



(P=0.01). It seems that swimmers with more height and arm length have a better The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between anthropometric characteristics and performance of elite female swimmers in 50m freestyle swimming. 50 elite female swimmers who had participated in Iran Women’s Championships in 1388 (mean age = 15.92±1.12 years, height = 164.75±6.69 cm and weight= 51.50±4.10 kg) participated in this study as the sample. Anthropometric characteristics including height, weight, biacromial width, chest width, chest depth, chest circumference, waist circumference, buttocks circumference, arm circumference, thigh circumference, calf circumference, forearm circumference, biiliac width, thigh length, calf length, length of the foot sole, width of the foot sole, arm length, forearm length, hand length, hand width and hand grip strength were measured. Pearson product moment correlation was used to analyze the data (P?0.05). The results showed a significant negative correlation between the subjects’ performance and height (P=0.005) and arm length performance. Swimming coaches can use these findings for talent identification in 50m freestyle swimming.