The Study of Sport Injury Financial Costs in Body Parts of Iran Premier League Soccer Players

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.Sc. University of Guilan

2 Ph.D University of Guilan

3 Ph.D University of Esfahan


The aim of this research was to study the financial costs of sport injuries in different body parts of the professional soccer players of soccer premier league in the past two years (2010-2011). For this purpose, all injured players from 6 clubs out of 18 clubs of premier league were investigated by random retrospective method. 69 soccer players (mean+SD: age 24.6+2.5 yr, record of official games 7.26+2.45) who had borne the cost of injury were selected as the sample. Data were collected by Hawkins and Fuller revised questionnaire for internal and external risk factors of injury, injury report form and a researcher-made checklist to record financial costs were used. Cost injuries included direct and indirect costs. Pearson correlation coefficient and ANOVA were used to analyze data (P=0.05). The results showed that lower extremity injuries (85.7%) bore the highest cost (1.067 million $) and among these injuries, knee injury (39%) bore the highest cost (1.410 million $). 68% of costs (1.390 million $) was reported for contact injuries while all noncontact conditions were reported for knee injury and particularly for ACL and meniscus injuries. A significant relationship was found between injury cost and injury severity (r=0.806) and also cost difference in different body parts (P=0.01). Most injuries especially in knee joint can be recognized, prevented and eliminated by appropriate management. An emphasis on injury preventive strategies is the key to reducing the financial costs of soccer industry which is emphasized in this research.