To Study the Effect of MAXX Training on Strength, Speed and Agility of Basketball Wheelchair Players



The aim of this research was to study the effect of Maxx strength training which
was the combination of maximal strength training and explosive power) on the
increase of speed, strength and agility of disabled athletes. 20 paraplegic subjects
were selected randomly out of 52 elite basketball wheelchair players and then they
were divided into two groups: experimental group (n=10, age 28.1± 2.55, sitting
height 89.3± 14) and control group (n=10, age 29.2 ±2.55, sitting height
87.7±9.04). Demographic and medical data were collected by interviews,
questionnaire and medical history records. Then, speed, agility and maximum
strength of subjects were measured in pretest and posttest respectively by
propelling wheelchair across the dia meter of basketball field, zigzag test and bench
chest press. Experimental group performed the Maxx training protocol for 6 weeks
and 3 sessions per week. Control group performed ordinary training. The results of
posttest were analyzed by SPSS (P? 0.01). The findings showed that Maxx training
protocol for 6 weeks significantly influenced subjects’ strength and agility. These
results emphasized the need to perform Maxx training protocol which had
previously been effective in healthy athletes. Because of the training and skill
demands of basketball wheelchair players, it can be suggested that trainers apply
the combination of strength training and explosive power for paraplegic players
because they can be performed in the sitting position on wheelchair.