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Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine

Formerly known as:

Journal of Harakat (1999 - 2009)

Journal of Sport medicine (2009-2019)

The Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine (JESM), an "Open Access" journal, is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to the advancement of Kinesiology /Sport Medicine; Sport Injury, Corrective Exercise and Adapted Physical Activity and Sport Rehabilitation. It formerly known as Harakat (1999 – 2009) and then Sport Medicine (2009-2019) published in Persian language. It launched as JESM in 2019, by publishing original research, scholarly reviews, opinion papers, and research highlights/commentaries in English language, JESM is committed to constructing a platform for sharing research and scholarly activity to foster international communication and collaboration among researchers. With a distinguished and expert editorial board, JESM is dedicated to maintaining high academic standards, integrity, research ethics, and excellence by publishing scholarly work of the highest quality in the sub-disciplines of the exercise science and medicine.


Aims and scope

The Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine is an international multidisciplinary journal, which seek to publish high quality and impactful articles in the following fields:

  • Sport injury and corrective exercise
  • Adapted physical  activity
  • Sport rehabilitation
  • Pathomechanics of sport injury and musculoskeletal disorder
  • Motor control , movement behavior and sport psychology
  • Sport biomechanics
  • health and disease relating to sport
  • exercise and physical activity

The Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine covers Original articles, Case reports, reporting new and important clinical observations or experiences of a novel treatment or instrument, all types of Review articles, as well as Letters to the editor. The journal also aims at maintaining a broad and interdisciplinary approach in order to reflect collaboration with practitioners and scholars from other disciplines.


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Sports Injuries and Corrective Actions


English (2019 - Now)

(2009 – 2019: Persian Full-text / English Abstract & Bibliography)

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Summer and Autumn 2009



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Serial (Periodical)

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University of Tehran


Negah Institute for Scientific Communication in Cooperation with Negah Scientific Publisher


Dr. Reza Rajabi




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Open Access (OA)

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700,000 Rials

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 Open Access Policy

Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine is owned by the University of Tehran and published by Negah Institute for Scientific Communication. Our philosophy in Negah journals is that all research is for the benefit of humankind, research is the product of an investment by society, and therefore its fruits should be returned to all people without borders or discrimination, serving society universally and in a transparent fashion. That is why Negah provides online free and open access to all of its research publications. The University of Tehran has supported all the publishing costs. Therefore, authors may publish their manuscripts and audiences can download and share the articles, freely. 

Under the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing (June 20, 2003), Negah Journals are fully compliant with open access mandates, by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license 4.0 (CC-BY-NC). Authors retain copyright of their work and can deposit their publication in any repository. This means that articles can be freely redistributed and reused by the author and others as long as the article is properly cited. Published articles in Negah Journals can be deposited immediately into an online repository or social network without any cost. Negah Journals articles can be emailed to colleagues, printed, archived in a collection, included in course-packs, and distributed without restrictions. Please read the full Creative Commons license for further information.


Article Processing Charges

As University of Tehran has supported most of the publishing costs of Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine, also according to the decision of the Editors' Council of the Journal of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of the University of Tehran, it was decided that the author will pay 700,000 Rials for article processing charge and 800,000 Rials for publication fees.

Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine has been published as an open access electronic journal, so there is no subscription fee for audiences.


Journal of Exercise Science and Medicine has not accepted and published any advertisement in the journal website and articles.