The Effect of FIFA Warm-Up Comprehensive Program 11+ on Performance and Physical Fitness of Iranian Adolescent Male Soccer Players

Document Type : Research Paper



Previous studies showed that FIFA +11 program reduces soccer players' sport injuries considerably, but there is limited information about the effect of this program on physical fitness of soccer players. Thus, the aim of this clinical trial was to study the effect of 11+ program on performance and physical fitness of adolescent soccer players. 82 soccer players (aged between 14 and 16) from 4 teams participated in this study. The teams were randomly divided into two groups: control and training. Training group participated in 30 weeks of FIFA 11+ comprehensive program. The players' performance was measured by a test collection. The players of both groups were tested one week prior to and one week following match season (an interval of 30 weeks). Data were analyzed by ANOVA with repeated measures 2x2. Analysis of data showed a significant group x time interaction in Sargent vertical jump test and Bosco repetitive jumping test. The training group showed more improvement than control group in these tests. But no significant differences were observed in pretest and posttest of Illinois agility, 40 and 20 yards speed, yoyo intermittent recovery level 1, sit and reach and dribbling tests between training and control groups. This study demonstrated that FIFA 11+ warm-up comprehensive program can increase Sargent vertical jump and anaerobic power of lower extremity muscles in adolescent soccer players but it did not influence other factors of physical fitness and performance.


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